Support Group FAQ

Is everyone welcome?

Everyone is welcome in our support groups. We are an inclusive environment and want to be the helping hand for women of all ages, ethnicities, and gender identities.

How often do the groups meet?

Sister Girlfriends support groups meet once a ___ and more if the clients want to. We are a very personable group and want to go above and beyond to help our clients.

Can these support groups be seen as a form of therapy?

Sister Girlfriends’ support groups are intended to be supportive and educational, but they are not intended to take the place of professional psychological or medical treatment for a specific mental health or medical problem.

Do we have online sessions? How are we accommodating COVID-19?

Yes, we are offering zoom sessions for our group support meetings. We are also offering FaceTime sessions, if the clients want to meet in a more personal / individual level. We are always looking for new ways to interact with our clients and are researching more ways to help no matter what the circumstance.