Youth Mentoring

The Sister Girlfriends’ Youth Mentoring program is designed to “bridge the
gap” between our youth and the success they can achieve, by establishing
relationships where these young women and girls can observe and interact with
positive role models from the community.
What We Do
Throughout the program girls and teenagers come together
with adult mentors and with one another in small, large, and one-on-one group
settings to build self esteem, confidence, self sufficiency skills, and self
worth. Our overall goal is to empower young women to become leaders, positive
role models, and competent, active members of their community.
Teens enrolled in Sister Girlfriends’ Youth Mentoring program will develop:
  • The life skills and attitudes needed to become positive
    leaders among their peers and in their communities.
  • Positive relationships with peers, mentors, and
    teachers to help them develop socially and succeed academically.

    • Communication skills that will enhance their
      ability to share positive experiences with teens in small and large group
    • Leadership skills that will help them become role
      model behavior for younger sisters, girls, and friends.
    • Healthy, nurtured relationships during the
      pivotal teenage years, to keep teens on track while attending high school.
Who Should Join?
In addition to matching girls and teens with adult role
models, the Youth Mentoring program aims to create new friendships between
girls and teens that are mutually beneficial. By bringing these diverse groups of
girls and teens together, we hope to develop relationships that will benefit
all involved and last a lifetime.
The Youth Mentoring program is beneficial for girls and teens that are:
  • Between the ages of 10-18
  • Willing to share personal challenges &
    success stories

    • Looking to build new and lasting friendships
    • Struggling with self esteem issues
    • Young entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs
    • Struggling  academically in school
    • Excelling academically
    • Being bullied
    • At risk of dropping out of school
    • Currently not attending school
    • Pregnant or a teen parent
    • In need of positive role models
    • In an abusive relationship