Support Groups

Our support groups are designed to empower women who are going through a challenging time of transition and in need of support after facing setbacks in their lives.

Sister Girlfriends offers women a communal place to share their stories and wisdom, and to strengthen their sense of sisterhood. We allow time for self-care, guided mindfulness practice, teaching, and group discussion.

Ultimately, we empower women to strengthen their self-esteem confidence, rebuild their lives, and be resilient.

Support Group Segments


This group is targeting women who need shelter and immediate economic and social support. We are here to help women get out of their situation and reignite their creative passions.

Domestic Violence

This group is for women who might have lost their children, had unsupportive or abusive families, and know that entering back into a community might be challenging. We are here to help and be the voice you can count on, and shoulder you can lean on, through group and individual sessions.

Transitioning from Prison

This group is targeting women who are transitioning from prison. We want to make sure that the next steps post-confinement are the right steps. We meet weekly and act as the helping hand every sister needs in times of struggle.

General Support

This group is for women of all diversities and challenges. Our goal is to not only help women who are struggling financially and need a stable hand, but we want to be a safe haven for all women in general.