Founder of Sister Girlfriends, INC.

Ronetta Williams is the founder and chief executive officer of Sister Girlfriends Inc.; an organization dedicated to educating and empowering women and girls. She is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. In spite of dropping out of high school, she obtained her GED through hard work and resilience.

She then pursued higher studies where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Business and master’s degree in Business Administration. She also pursued her passion for cooking by attending, the famous Le Cordon Bleu Institute of Culinary Arts and is now a certified chef.

While working full-time and attending graduate college, Williams was also raising a child and working with victims of domestic violence at a women’s shelter. At the shelter, she created various programs for women to improve their skills such as cooking, budgeting, and communicating. She also created a “Follow Up Support Group” to assist women who transitioned from the shelter to permanent housing.

While working there, she realized that though these women were talented and courageous, they lacked simple life skills and a support system that was needed to become self-sufficient and independent. While working at the shelter, Ronetta realizes that her passion was in the field of social services with the goal being to uplift underserved girls and women.

In 2007, Williams founded Sister Girlfriends, Inc. with its motto “a Girlfriend is a Sister you choose”. The main aim of the organization is to empower and encourage women who have been through traumatic experiences to reach their maximum potential by overcoming adversities through powerful bonds of mentorship and sisterhood.

Sister Girlfriends, Inc. has become a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and has helped many girls and women enhance their abilities through a variety of resources; such as support groups, mentorship programs, leadership development, basic life skills workshops, and community partnerships.

Ronetta acknowledges that her journey of over 20 years in the fields of business and social services has been filled with hard work, dedication, challenges, and success. She attributes her success to the lessons learned from her personal experiences, the inspiring stories of women she met during her journey, her personal support system provided by her family, friends, and faith in God.

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